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I wanna use The Purge in my dystopian unit but it’s inappropriate I guess and also I’m scared.

angry post redacted.

We made up, so.

…why we need to talk seriously about grading…

If an F in my class means something different than an F in your class, what does either F really mean? And what are we doing to address students who are failing to reach mastery BEFORE they become failing students?

We are the gatekeepers. Freshman and sophomores need us to think long and hard about grades before they become pattern failures.

[access hollywood]

every time this guy opens his mouth, he validates 5 year old me’s great taste in men ngl.

neverloveawildling said: my kids grew 9% because I gave the pacing guide the finger. and I was only there for 3 months.

i’m the slacker-whisperer

it’s my teacher super power.

on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of needing a vacation, i’m ALL THE WAY DONE, and i am really really really trying to be a good teacher this summer but sometimes i sit in my office and just talk about drake and comic books and childish gambino with kids and whether or not it’s awesome that the new thor is a woman and how DC totally messed up the harley quinn art contest and whether or not the angels can take back the west. 

and right now, i could be working on stuff, but i’m listening to 2pac and writing and that’s about what i can muster.



We need to stop sacrificing kids on the altar of our pacing guides.
Me, heated, in a staff meeting