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thoughts on teaching writing

I’ve completely realized that to tell my students anything but the fact that writing is hard and they may not be good at it for a while is a big fat lie.  It’s hard and they should still do it.  They should still write.  It’s the work.  We write to communicate…even if it’s sloppy or awkward at first, we still write because even if it’s not eloquent and lovely, it’s communication.  

The craft we can work on.  How do we get the thoughts?  ESPECIALLY when I know that my writing was trash INTO college.  How am I going to act like if students would just do X, Y, and Z, their writing is going to all of the sudden be GOOD to the point that it won’t need revision and rewriting?  It’s a process.  It’s the work.  Writing is a medium.  It’s not always the thing.

They need space to write and time, not pacing guides that dictate they have a final draft written by X day, and then we’re moving on to the next thing.


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